Hello! My name is Marissa Schmidt.
I'm an illustrator & graphic designer with 7 years of professional experience, living in Brooklyn, NY.

Inspired by nature and great characters, I spent my first art classes leafing through old National Geographics and drawing all the animals and people I could find. Later on, I found the work of Carter Goodrich, Mary Blair, and Gerhard Richter, who have influenced me in the realms of humorous illustration, design, and color.

My artistic inclinations towards both playful design and realism have led to an unexpected career in the fashion retail industry. From 2013-2017, I designed for Victoria's Secret in Ohio with a team of very talented individuals. In the spring, I relocated to California, where I worked at Minted and continued developing my custom illustrated portrait business. And while my the west coast stole my heart, I've recently found myself back on the east coast in New York City where I am currently a Visual Graphic Illustrator for Macy's. 

I believe that traveling and seeking inspiration in both urban and natural environments is vital to my experience as an artist and human. When not working, you will find me hiking outdoors, taking too many pictures of animals, playing the ukulele and guitar, experimenting in the kitchen, and embracing unexpected adventures.