Travel & the outdoors are the other loves of my life.

The most enriching moments of my life have been those that have come from traveling. I have found the most inspiration and freedom in walking — through towns and cities, over mountains, and in canyons — always keeping an eye out for textures, patterns, people, oddities, and art. Here are a few memories from some of my favorite places, and a little timeline documenting some recent highlights.

2018: New England
• Visited Acadia National Park
• Walked part of the Appalachian Trail

2017: Germany, Denmark, Spain, and the Western US
• Explored Berlin, drove around Germany, and looked up family history near Hamburg
• Visited Copenhagen and Barcelona
• Ran my first half-marathon in Yellowstone National Park
• Drove across the country three times, visiting a total of thirteen National Parks along the way
• My two favorite hikes from the west are: Angel’s Landing (Zion) and Cathedral Lakes (Yosemite)

2016: Peru
• Completed the Lares Trek (three days of backpacking through Peru) and visited Machu Picchu on my birthday.
• Ran my first 10k race in Ohio

2015: Maui
Watched the sunrise on my birthday at the top of Haleakala in Maui!